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Nest is home.

Home: It’s more than just four walls and a roof over your head. 
It’s where you feel safest and most comfortable. 
But what if your home knew you as well as you know it? 
What if it could recognise you and anticipate your needs?

Or, even better, what if it took care of the things that you forget. 
Turned down the heat. Turned off the lights. Locked the door. 
What if your home became – in small and then 
bigger ways – an extension of you?

These aren’t just daydreams or ideas for the future. 
It’s what we’re passionately building at Nest, every day.

Our mission is to create a home that takes care 
of the people inside it and the world around it. 
Because, if you think about it, 
the world is just one big neighbourhood.

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Stand, Nest for Learning Thermostat
Door Bell, Nest Hello Video HD/HDR
Nest Learning Thermostat Stainless
AT3000GB (AT3000GB)

Stand, Nest for Learning Thermostat

Catalogue No1:AT3000GB
Stand, Nest for Learning Thermostat
NC5100GB (NC5100GB)

Door Bell, Nest Hello Video HD/HDR

Catalogue No1:NC5100GB
Door Bell, Nest Hello Video HD/HDR
T3028GB (T3028GB)
Nest Learning Thermostat Stainless

Thermostat, Nest LCD Learning 3rd Generation, c/w Li-Ion Batteries

Catalogue No1:T3028GB
Finish:Stainless Steel

  • Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So shouldn’t it help you save energy?

  • The Nest Thermostat does. Since 2011, it’s saved over 8 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide.* Because it learns from you. It gets to know the temperature you like when you’re at home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs. That’s how the Nest Thermostat saves energy.

Nest Learning Thermostat Stainless
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