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Lucy Zodion is a leader in the design and manufacture of streetlighting equipment in the UK. Our product range spans the on-street installation of lighting from electrical distribution to control. Our leading position has been reached through constant innovation in both our products and service.

Saving costs through energy reduction

With continued pressures on the costs of energy it is essential that our products remain at the forefront of efficiency and that we provide the products and tools to enable our customers to implement the most effective control solutions. Our product range encompasses class-leading control solutions including the UK's most widely adopted CMS, GMT/BST correcting part-night photocells, and the innovative "reflect relay".


All Lucy Zodion products are designed with durability in mind. Onstreet conditions can be harsh, and our products are a match for this environment and result from years of experience in electrical distribution and control. The use of carefully selected high-quality materials ensures optimum life expectancy.


Lucy zodion can offer a wide range of skills and support routes. We provide engineer-led custom designs and have a knowledgebase of applications and solutions for nearly all requirements. We pride ourselves on service and delivery and we are able to provide fast and efficient supply either from stock, or on short lead-times.

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Lucy Zodion Photocell Kit, Thermal
A breakthrough in low cost photocell technology that includes an electro-magnetic relay and a photodiode sensor that reduces burning hours, lowers power consumption and ensures lifetime switching accuracy. The electronic circuit in the SS4ED delivers extremely accurate and reliable switching control. Also includes a VDR (Voltage Dependent resistor) as standard, protecting the circuit from high transient voltages. Both the SS4D and SS4ED are available as a Kit (with socket & Bracket) or a cell only.
Lucy Zodion Photocell Kit, Thermal
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